The basics of a backyard
wildlife habitat

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why bother?

Why share our space with wildlife? Because it was theirs before urbanization took it from them. Suddenly homeless, they flee to a new, often unsuitable, place. For many, it's a matter of life or death as they face the challenges of the unfamiliar. Read more...


Fall into winter with a plan

An important work in fall is getting our backyard wildlife habitats ready for cold weather. If you're new to this, just follow our tips for prepping for wildlife (and the environment, too) in winter. FULL STORY...
Plants for wildlifePlants for butterfliesPlants for hummingbirds


America's fave butterflies

Here's your guide to the biggest, brightest and most beautiful butterflies in your garden. They practically shout out "Look at me!"  FULL STORY...
All about butterflies・Insects: intro Insect anatomy


Is your yard a flyby?

Love watching birds? Wish they
would visit your yard more often?
Turn it into a haven they'll fly to and stay. Watch them full time! Here's how to do it. FULL STORY...
All about birdsChoosing a bird feederChoosing the right seed


The smartest birds of all

If someone calls you a birdbrain, consider it a compliment. These birds are smarter than apes in some tests, and some live right in your own yard. FULL STORY...
Birds: interesting facts


Choosing a birdhouse

It's not rocket science, but picking the right birdhouse does take some planning. There is no one-kind-suits-all. Here's what to know before you shop. FULL STORY...
Build a birdhouseCleaning birdhouses, feeders



Thank an insect

Love 'em, like 'em or hate 'em, we owe 'em -- in a big, big way. Possibly for our continued existence. Whether it's a butterfly or a pesky mosquito, insects feed the world. Here's how. FULL STORY... 
All about insectsInsect life cycle ・Build a bug house


Book review:

An English Meadow Through the Seasons, by Barney Wilczak

Dreamy photos of an English meadow through four seasons pay homage to the natural world. FULL STORY...
More reviews



Wildlife's good mothers

Human mothers don't hold the patent on good parenting. Good mothers are found in the wild, too. Introducing eight of them you'll enjoy reading about. FULL STORY...
All about the Striped SkunkEvicting uninvited guestsHow to rescue injured/orphaned wildlife


Squirrels, trees, baffles

Isn't it enough we have to battle squirrels over control of our feeders? Our trees aren't safe, either! Baffled about how to stop them? We show you DIY with a plastic bucket. Eezy peezy! FULL STORY...
All about Fox and Gray Squirrels
Keep yard safe for wildlife

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